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Healing Through Connection

My Services: Services
Individual Counseling

Individual Counseling

People who engage in individual counseling typically want help addressing a specific issue. You might be someone living with debilitating anxiety, recovering from a devastating break-up, struggling with an unhealthy relationship to drugs and alcohol, or dealing with some other concern. Unlike conversations you may have with close family or friends, individual counseling provides the space for you to process whatever issues you face without fear of judgment. We would typically meet once a week (or less) and periodically review the progress you've made toward your goals for therapy.


IFS Consultation and Training

If you want to develop your IFS knowledge and skill, feel free to reach out! I am a Level 3 trained and Certified IFS Therapist.

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Clinical Supervision

Group counseling can provide an opportunity for you to: be inspired and encouraged by others; feel less isolated and alone in the world; exchange information and learn from different people; be affirmed and celebrated in a group; experience the gift of helping someone else in need; take some small risks and develop your social skills; grow in your understanding of yourself and others; unlearn ways of thinking and relating to others that no longer serve you; connect with other group members and feel a greater sense of belonging; and experience catharsis and healing in a safe and supportive space. You have the option of supplementing individual counseling with group counseling.

Family Counseling

My Therapeutic Approach

You have had a chance to read about the different services I provide, but you may still be wondering, "What will we actually do in therapy?" If you want to learn more about how I will work with you and structure our sessions, click the button below!

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